my big fat closet

My plus sized closet, window-shopping clothes for curves.


Spider-Man dress! Made from some kids’ curtains I bought at a charity shop. (Sorry for poor image quality.)

Belt - Thrifted

Tights - eBay


What I Wore: Lace & Pink Lips

This is one of those no-brainier outfits. It’s simple but gives you a little kick of sass - which ya know I love! This shirt c/o of Scarlett & Jo is everything. The fit is on point - I haven’t stopped wearing it since it arrived!

Now, I generally hate jeans. Most denim pants make me feel suffocated so I was surprised that I actually fell in love with these pants from Ruff Hewn via Bon-Ton. Since I’m so tall I have to do a little cuff action to make them ankle jeans instead of highwaters - but I still dig the look!

The shoes are my trusty black wedge sneakers from Lane Bryant that are perfect for stomping the streets of NYC! This See By Chloe bag is my everyday go to because it can carry A LOT of stuff. The pink lippy is from the collection Beth Ditto did with MAC. If you can get your hands on it definitely add it to your collection - It’s a gem!

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NEW POST: Style While You Work

Sometimes I think I’m part magpie. While it might not be shiny things that catch my fancy (ed. note; oooo, shiny….) I can’t help myself when I see a bright hue, specially one of the neon variety. The more acid, the better.

But, sometimes, it can be hard to pull together an office-appropriate outfit that consists of purely neon shades. The best way to incorporate optical-searing colors into your work outfit is by adding “subtle” touches.

With this outfit I started with a crisp base of white jeans; classic, clean, a perfect blank slate that can be matched with any colors. I paired that with a patterned blue button-down and blue buckle flats, still keeping it “work appropriate.” Then, the fun part.

With my neon orange crystal necklace and my brand new Michael Kors crossbody bag (and my hair, but that’s an always accessory), I added just enough vibrancy, without upsetting the HR department.

Top: Lane Collection at Lane Bryant

Jeans: Lane Collection at Lane Bryant

Bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors

Shoes: Elaine Turner

Necklace: Ann Taylor

Glasses: Warby Parker (Preston in Gimlet Tortoise)

(Source: psfashion)

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